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Gasket Machines

EXA manufactures automatic, semiautomatic and manual Gaskets machines. We produce: Camprofile machines, Die molded rings machines, Laser marking machiens, Spiral wound gaskets machiens.

Glass Printing Equipment

EXA in partnership with STAR is able to supply screen printing machines and complete printing lines. EXA and STAR are able to supply screen printing machines and complete lines that meet the requirements of all the market segments (with semi-automatic to fully automatic printers) in the various manufacturing domains (household appliance, architectural and automotive glass).

Custom Made Solutions

EXA carries out custom-made solutions for assembling, handling and in-line tests for the product. EXA manufactures in particular the following machine families for different kind of products: Multi-station index transfer, Multi-station transfer with linear development , Semi automatic machines for assembling or testing, Robotized Isle.

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